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The Association members have a comprehensive National Warranty system that gives the customer confidence in the quality of both the workmanship and parts provided.

This Warranty is a national system that gives the customer cover in any part of the country. This means that if the person moves to another area of the country, or if they have a problem while out of their home area, then they will have the problem seen to by another Association member.

The usual warranty term is 20,000 kilometers or twelve months.

NZERA Warranty system

The members of the New Zealand Engine Reconditioners Association provide a comprehensive Warranty for all there work.

The Standard Warranty on a fully reconditioned engine is 20,000 kilometers or twelve months.

Because of the complexity of the modern engine, strict servicing schedules must be adhered to, and other specific conditions may apply. A comprehensive copy of the full warranty is on the following page.

This Warranty is a nation wide repair system and is backed by the association to give the customers the confidence that if in the unlikely situation of a rebuilt engine failing, then it will be put right as quickly as possible. This will be done with as little inconvenience to the vehicle owner as practical.

Note: For the warranty to be valid, strict vehicle preparation, installation and servicing procedures must be followed

Vehicle Preparation, Installation And Servicing Procedures



(Cooling system being blocked or leaking is the main cause of engine failure)

  1. Radiator must be cleaned, flushed, water flow tested. Check for leaks and ensure air flow is free from obstructions. This should be carried out by a radiator specialist.
  2. Radiator cap must hold the recommended pressure.
  3. Ensure radiator hoses and fan belts to be in a serviceable condition and adjusted correctly.
  4. Heater hoses to be in a serviceable condition.
  5. Thermostat must conform to manufacturer's specifications.
  6. Rust inhibitor must be used in the cooling system.
  7. Water pump impeller, bearing, water pump seal, and hose connections must be in a serviceable condition. Cooling system must hold at least 3 lb/sq. in. over cap pressure.
  8. Ensure correct fit of crankshaft pulley on crankshaft, seal surface is serviceable and fan belt groove runs true.
  9. Temperature lights and gauges must operate according to manufacturer's specifications.


  1. Ensure distributor drive tang engages correctly with slot in oil pump shaft (where applicable).
  2. Remove all traces of old gaskets from reused accessories, e.g., fuel pump, carburettor manifold, water pump, thermostat housing, oil breather etc.
  3. Ensure manifold faces are flat and free from damage.
  4. ensure correct operation of manifold heat raiser valve.
  5. Prime all systems as follows:

    1. with oil can prime oil pump from oil filter inlet port
    2. turn motor until oil is delivered to filter, no longer than 20 seconds
    3. fill filter and install
    4. fill main oil gallery through pressure switch hole by use of oil can and install pressure switch.

  6. Fit new air filter and check air filter canister and connections for dust proof sealing including air cleaner to carburettor gasket.
  7. Ensure flywheel or flex plate bolts are tensioned to manufacturer's specifications.
  8. The engine filter must ensure sump plug and water drain plugs are fitted tight before fitting motor.


  1. Ignition timing must be set in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.
  2. Ensure correct operation of mechanical and vacuum advance mechanisms.
  3. Ensure correct heat range spark plugs.
  4. Ensure spark plug leads, rotor button, distributor cap are in a serviceable condition.
  5. Engine breathers and emission control component parts must comply to original manufacturer's specifications and be functioning correctly.


  1. Ensure engine mounts are serviceable and all bolts tight.
  2. Ensure that engine is filled to recommended oil level, not friction modified (can be changed to friction modified after 5,000 km).


  1. Ensure that all electrical connections are in a good and clean condition.


  1. Cast iron cylinder heads; re tension head bolts after initial warm-up to manufacturer's specifications and adjust tappets.
  2. Aluminium cylinder heads; after initial warm-up (up to 85° C), re tension cylinder head bolts and adjust tappets to manufacturer's specifications.


  1. Thoroughly clean sump, tappet covers, side covers, breather pipes, oil filter caps internally.
  2. Check cylinder head carefully for cracks and warping. Fit new welsh plugs.
  3. Check valve guides for excessive wear and fit new valve stem seals as recommended by the manufacturer.
  4. Thoroughly clean rocker arms and shafts; replace worn parts.


  1. Clean and service oil pump, fit new parts, relief valve and spring.


  1. avoid prolonged idling.
  2. Once oil pressure has built up, warm up engine at a speed of around 1500 R.P.M.
  3. Re tension cylinder head as per 25 or 26.
  4. In the initial driving period accelerate several times from around 60-90 km/hr in top gear full throttle (auto held in second). This provides load to build up pressure behind compression rings to provide gas tight sealing and bedding-in of rings.
  5. Avoid prolonged high speeds for first few hundred km and vary highway cruising speed.
  6. When installing motor ensure that the correct spigot bush is fitted to rear of crankshaft i.e, automatic or manual.

800 km Service (At owner's cost)

  1. Change Engine Oil to recommended grade (NOT FRICTION MODIFIED OIL).
  2. Retention Cyl Head
  3. Adjust tappets
  4. Check ignition setting
  5. Check cooling system, (pressure test) with analyser
  6. Tighten up all external screws and bolts


Like anything mechanical, your engine will benefit from a little thoughtful care and maintenance.

Every 5,000 km Preventative Maintenance Schedule:

  1. Change Engine Oil
  2. Change Oil Filter Cartridge

Every 8,000 km Preventative Maintenance Schedule:

  1. Check Cam Angle and Advance Curve of Distributor and reset Ignition timing
  2. Check operation of Carburettor
  3. Clean, reset and test Spark Plugs
  4. Service Air Cleaner
  5. Adjust Tappets
  6. Change Oil Filter Cartridge

Every 16,000 km Preventative Maintenance Schedule:

  1. as in 8,000 km service
  2. Check Air Flow of Radiator
  3. Check Water Flow of Radiator
  4. Check fan belt and Radiator Hoses
  5. Check Cooling System with analyser
  6. Check Radiator Cap
  7. Remove and check operation of Thermostat

NOTE: - Under adverse operating conditions it may be necessary to service the engine more frequently.


* Corrosion inhibitor must not be used for the first 800 kilometres. The use of an antifreeze coolant additive may result in coolant seepage at the head gasket. At the first service the cooling system should be drained and a suitable inhibitor added to protect welsh plugs and other important components.




A current member of the New Zealand Engine Reconditioners Assn, hereinafter called the reconditioner, guarantees this reconditioned long motor/shortblock to be free from defect under normal use and service for _______________ or _______________ from date of installation which ever shall occur first.

_________________________ Signed and dated - Reconditioner

_________________________ Signed and dated - Customer

This guarantee shall only apply when the long motor/shortblock has been:

  1. Installed by a qualified tradesperson in a tradesperson like manner
  2. Installed for the use that the original manufacturer of the engine intended.
  3. Ignition and/or injection timing must be set to manufacturers specifications.

Parts Covered:

Full parts and labour Warranty

All parts that were replaced at the time of reconditioning

All workmanship and materials

Subject but not limted to the following conditions This guarantee shall not apply where:

  1. The engine has been the subject of substandard workmanship by any other party.
  2. The engine has suffered abnormal use, accident or neglect.
  3. The engine has had modifications carried out on it other than recommended by the original manufacturers or reconditioners specifications.
  4. The engine has been altered, added to or modified by components not recommended or approved by the original manufacturer of the engine or reconditioner. e.g. Turbo Charger, Twin carburettors, Super chargers etc
  5. The engine has been converted to run on CNG or LPG without prior advice to the reconditioner prior to reconditioning of the engine.
  6. The following parts have not been replaced or serviced to manufacturers specifications ( Petrol or Diesel application)

Cylinder Head
Oil pump
Carburettor and fuel system
Injection Pump and Injectors
Ignition system
Radiator has not been inspected and/or replaced.
All water hoses have not been checked and/or replaced.
All drive belts
All oil, air and fuel filters
Water pump
Oil filter
Alternative fuel system (AFS)
Turbo and Super charger

The guarantee will become null-void if the following instructions are not fulfilled :

  1. The detachable portion of the guarantee certificate must be completed by the owner or engine installer and returned to the reconditioner within SEVEN DAYS from the date of the engine installation
  2. The engine is to run on an oil recommended by the reconditioner or the original manufacturer of the engine

    1. The oil must be changed and the filter replaced after the first 800 km and before 1000 km.
    2. In the case of industrial, marine and agricultural engines after the first 10 hours running and between 10,000 - 12,000 kms.

  3. The engine must be correctly serviced by the reconditioner or a qualified tradesperson for the period of the guarantee in accordance with the service requirements of the original manufacturer of the engine.
  4. Installation and service records must be maintained and produced as evidence of the above work.

Any obligation under this guarantee is limited to the replacement, repair or making good or otherwise, substandard workmanship or material as acknowledged by the reconditioner after examination

NO CLAIM will be recognised until payment in full has been made to the reconditioner company for the original work done and/or materials supplied.

Liability for consequential loss or expenses or for repairs effected without prior authority of the reconditioner in writing is expressly excluded.

In the unlikely event of a defect developing it must be reported to the installer as soon as possible who must immediately give notice of the defect to the reconditioner.

The prior authority of the reconditioner is required before the engine is dismantled or removed.


(This Warranty in no way takes away rights under Consumers Guarantees Act).

Warranty Guidelines :


Long engines(petrol) 12 months20,000 kmsprivate use
Long engines(petrol) 12 months20,000 kmscommercial
Short block(petrol) 6 months10,000 kmspvt/commercial
Short block(diesel) 6 months10,000 kmspvt/commercial
Long engines(diesel) 12 months20,000 kmspvt/commercial

Other Engines:



All applications individually calculated on months or hours of use


Guideline - 6 months or 400 hours