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The Environment is Everyone's Responsibility
Engine Reconditioners take their responsibilities very seriously

Recycle your engine?

Why not! You make the effort to recycle paper, aluminum cans and glass bottles. Did you know you can recycle the engine in your car?

Engine recyclers, called Reconditioners or Remanufacturers, have been recycling engines for as long as there have been engines.

Reduce the pollution on the planet

A sick or dying engine will not be performing to itís best in many areas. Perhaps the most important area is the area of emissions.

Your tired engine could be wasting up to 25% of your fuel, and burning a litre of oil per 500k

Automobile pollution can be more dangerous than similar amounts of pollution from large sources such as power plants, since car and truck emissions are quite literally "in your face" where we live, work, shop, and play.

Car and truck pollution not only harms our health in the present, but also contributes to global warming, bringing greater problems in years to come.

Nationwide, two-thirds of the carbon monoxide emissions come from transportation sources, with the largest contribution coming from highway motor vehicles. In urban areas, the motor vehicle contribution to carbon monoxide pollution can exceed 90 percent.

Making motor vehicles much cleaner and more efficient is an important step toward sustainable transportation. A large part of this task is up to auto makers, but choosing a greener engine is a step you can take that will head us in the right direction.

Four liters Petrol weighs just over 2.88kg.  When burned, the carbon in it combines with oxygen from the air to produce about 8 kilo of CO2.  But counting the energy that went into making and distributing the fuel, the total global warming impact equals 14 kilo of CO2 emissions per four liters.

Why would you want to recycle your engine?
If your vehicle is in good shape interior, body, driveline, and so on it is less expensive to recondition or rebuild an engine than to purchase a new vehicle.

Increase the resale value of a vehicle you are planning to sell with a rebuilt engine.

Restore a vehicle with high sentimental value with a rebuilt engine.