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How does an Engine Reconditioner restore my engine back to service? Before beginning any work, a professional engine reconditioner will first conduct a thorough inspection of the engine to determine if the engine is recyclable.

The engine may not be suitable for rebuilding for a variety of reasons, including:

  • broken or cracked engine block
  • excessive cylinder wear
  • warped engine block

If none of these conditions exist and the engine is suitable for reconditioning, then the reconditioner will return your engine to "original equipment" specifications using standard and uniform sizing throughout. The process of restoring your engine to this "original equipment" condition involves a series of several procedures, including:

  • Straighten, regrind, and/or polish the crankshaft
  • Straighten and recondition connecting rods
  • Install and fit new pistons and piston rings
  • Bore and hone cylinders and "re-sleeve" if necessary
  • Straighten and/or resurface cylinder head(s)
  • Completely recondition cylinder heads (valve job)
  • Rebalance engine components, if necessary
  • Install new crankshaft and camshaft bearings
  • Replace and fit camshaft, lifters, timing chain, timing gears
  • Replace oil pump and/or oil pump drive components
  • Assemble the engine following strict guidelines for bolt torque, tightening
  • sequence and parts alignment
  • Pre-lube and pressure test final assembly (if required)
  • and more!

For more details see Code of Practice at Warranty page

Where can I find an Engine Reconditioner

Professional engine reconditioners are highly trained machinists. These rebuilders care the most about maintaining professionalism, about keeping up with the endless flow of new information and technology and are members of the New Zealand Engine Reconditioners Association.

The New Zealand Engine Reconditioners Association (NZERA) has members located from Whangarei to Invercargill. Members have access to informational bulletins, updated engine specifications via computer, a Technical Hotline and receive the latest technical and management information on a regular basis from around the world.